unit price

: a price quoted in terms of so much per agreed or standard unit of product or service

agreed to take the gravel at a unit price of 50 cents a yard

often : an inclusive price quoted to cover all incidentals (as transportation or installation) as well as the basic unit of product or service

purchasing on a unit price relieves the buyer of inconvenience but may be more expensive

quoted a unit price for the funeral

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1. rate1 (def. 3).
2. a price for a service or commodity that includes all extra costs incidental to the item: the unit price of a wedding.

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unit price noun
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Main Entry:unit

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unit price UK US noun [countable] [singular unit price plural unit prices] business
the price of each single thing, especially a share in a company
Thesaurus: stocks and shares and the stock exchangehyponym prices and costssynonym types of tax and taxationhyponym

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